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Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Compass Management Group offer?

The full scope of services provided to clients of Compass include, but are not limited to; banking, bookkeeping, budgeting, accounting, tax planning, estate planning, insurance consulting, business consulting, image and brand management, social media marketing, post career guidance, and concierge services.

How long has Compass Management Group been in business?

Founded in 2014 by Jared Lawrence and Ben Kieffer, Compass Management Group, Inc. is owned and operated right here in Minnesota, and has quickly grown to be "A Trusted Guide" for numerous Community Associations throughout the Twin Cities. Compass Management Group, Inc. may be young, but is most certainly not inexperienced.

How does Compass Management Group help professional athletes?

Compass Management Group is the premier business and lifestyle management firm for professional athletes. At Compass Management, our focus is guiding clients through a disciplined process with respect to their near term and long term objectives, from Business and Financial Management to Retirement, Estate, and Legacy Planning.

How can Compass Management Group help community associations?

Compass Management provides weekly site visits to all of our community associations. During our weekly routine site visits we monitor vendor performance and work with community members who have compliance issues. All site visits are logged and distributed to our board members regularly.

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