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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you buy discount show tickets in Las Vegas?

There are stores located in several discount kiosks in Las Vegas that specialize in selling discount show tickets offered on the same day of the performance. They include the Fashion Show Mall entrance, North Strip across Stardust hotel, and downtown near the 4 Queens hotel. You can get great deals but a limited selection.

Is there a tiger show in Las Vegas?

The Royal White Tigers at the Mirage Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada are famous for being a part of the popular, long-running Siegfried and Roy illusion and magic show.

Is there a rodeo in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas. The venue for the national finals rodeo is Las Vegas and this magic city should appeal to you even if you are not much of a fan of the rodeo. There is so much to do once you are in Las Vegas, so much entertainment, so much adventure.

Is there a circus in Las Vegas?

Circus Circus is a hotel and casino located on the Strip, in Las Vegas. Owned by MGM Mirage, it features circus acts during the day. A casino opened non-stop, an indoor adventure park and plenty other fun activities complete the attractions at Circus Circus and make it an excellent place for the families to spend a vacation.

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