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Frequently Asked Questions

When are the Las Vegas concerts in February 2022?

Las Vegas Concerts in February 2022: 02/1-5 - Celine Dion 02/6 - Kane Brown 0 02/11-26 - Luke Bryan 02/11-26 - Shania Twain 02/18-20 - Van Morrison 02/20 - Justin Bieber-->More February events

What shows are on in Las Vegas in January 2020?

Las Vegas shows in January 2020 include concerts by Dionne Warwick, Paula Abdul and Van Morrison. Sports events include Vegas Golden Knights.

How many people are going to Las Vegas in January 2022?

More Las Vegas headliners will be performing throughout the month. After taking on a virtual format last year, the Consumer Technology Association’s International CES 2022 trade show is expected to bring close to 200,000 people to Las Vegas between January 5 and 8 with proof of vaccination required.

What artists are performing in Las Vegas in April 2022?

Las Vegas Concerts in April 2022: 04/1 - Billie Eilish 04/1-2 - Carrie Underwood 04/1-16 - Scorpions 04/8 - Brockhampton 04/9 - Les Ballets Trockadero De Monte Carlo 04/23 - The Weeknd 04/30 - Kansas - The Band

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