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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I verify my enrollment at Concordia University?

The Registrar’s Office can provide verification of your enrollment at Concordia University, as well as other information, such as GPA, graduation date, major (s), full-time status, etc. Verification requests must be made in writing, because we need your signature to release your records.

Are the course listings in Blackboard official records of enrollment?

The course listings in Blackboard are NOT official records of enrollment. Courses may still appear in your course menu, even if you have dropped the course. New courses may take a few days to show up, even once you've enrolled. MyInfo will display your official registration record.

What if a course change is not reflected in Blackboard?

If a course change is not reflected in Blackboard after a few days, please contact the Personal Support Center .

How do I merge courses or course sections in Blackboard?

If you would like to merge courses or course sections in Blackboard, please contact the Helpdesk at (512) 313-4357 or submit a work order request . Archiving a course allows you to create a "backup copy" of your course in a .zip file format. Archive your course site regularly and keep those archives as backups. Save them in a safe place.

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