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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you rent a condo?

Here are 10 steps to take before you rent your condo: Call Your Homeowners Association: It is the first and most important step. Most condos permit rentals, but unfortunately others do not. Some condos require board approval, function on a rental cap or even impose certain lease teams.

What is the difference between a condominium and an apartment?

The difference between an apartment and a condo is ownership. Apartments are leased to tenants for a pre-designated period of time, while condos are owned by individuals who either live in them or rent them out to others. Because condos are owned by individuals,...

What does it mean to "rent a condo"?

Renting a condo often means interfacing directly with the owner as your landlord, which could be a blessing or a curse depending on the individual. The main benefit is in establishing a one-to-one relationship with the person who owns your place, helpful in case of upgrade requests or getting something fixed.

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