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Frequently Asked Questions

What does containment stand for?

What Does Containment Stand For The significance of the given name Containment gives you intuition, enlightenment, dreams, incoherence, anxiety, charisma and a timid persona. Advertisement ❶ What Does Containment Mean? A person who has the potential to attain spiritual enlightenment! Your main strengths are related to introspection and intuition.

What is the definition of containment?

n. 1. The act or condition of containing. 2. A policy of checking the expansion or influence of a hostile power or ideology, as by the creation of strategic alliances or support of client states in areas of conflict or unrest. 3. A structure or system designed to prevent the accidental release of radioactive materials from a reactor.

What is the goal of containment?

The purpose of the Containment policy was to restrict the spread of communism abroad by diplomatic, military and economic actions.

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