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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to convert UTC to local time in Power BI?

Additionally, the Power BI component Power Query provides a powerful and dynamic tool for loading and transforming data into Power BI’s data model. However, Power Query lacks a good way to convert a Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) to a local time of your choosing while preserving Daylight Savings Time (DST). Time zone functions do exist.

How to tell if time zone is correct in Power BI?

Once your data lands on the Power BI Data Model, the time zone data is completely stripped off the value and what you see on the Data view is just a date or date time: So it is extremely important that you make sure that everything is working correctly in Power Query as that’s the only way to tell if the time zone is correct or not.

Does the call queue analysis table have time in UTC?

The call queue analysis table has time in UTC. How do I add a column, conversion to conver this to EST? When filtering on the measure Calls volumne for a day, the time is in UTC which is not helpful for our staff when they are looking at what time calls are coming in.

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