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Frequently Asked Questions

What is assessassessment of cooperative learning?

Assessment of Cooperative Learning. Assessment activities can be categorized as either formative or summative, both of which are appropriate for cooperative learning exercises as they provide opportunities to enhance key components of cooperative learning exercises such as positive interdependence and individual accountability...

Are there any cooperative learning evaluation tools?

Presented on this page and the next one is a collection of cooperative learning evaluations tools that you may find useful. Additionally, because several of these assessments are actually completed by the students themselves they have a very real time-saving component.

What is the importance of cooperative learning instructional strategies?

With cooperative learning instructional strategies it is important that students be given an opportunity to develop assessment criteria to evaluate an activity. This gives the student ownership of the assessment tool/criteria and allows the student to use critical thinking strategies with regard to the development of assessment criteria.

How do you assess a cooperative learning project?

Teachers who begin using cooperative learning generally have three main assessment concerns: how to assess teamwork within a group. how to assess group projects. how to assess individual work within the group. Anecdotal records. Checklist with matching objectives.

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