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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Costco Citi credit card worth it?

The Costco Credit Card is worth applying for if you have a Costco membership and an excellent credit score. The Costco Anywhere Visa® Card by Citi has a $0 annual fee and offers 1 – 4% cash back, giving its bonus rates on gas, travel and dining purchases. Most rewards credit cards make it a lot easier to cash in. What MCC code is Airbnb?

Does Costco accept major credit cards?

To that end, Costco only accepts American Express credit cards, including the True Earnings Card from Costco and American Express, along with all other Amex cards. But they also accept cash, checks, most ATM and debit cards, EBT, and Costco Cash Cards.

How do I contact Citibank?

How do I contact Citibank customer service? (632) 8995-9999 For any concerns, you may call us at (632) 8995-9999 or send us a message through

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