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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Costco get their gas?

To acquire their gas, you need to be a member, and subscription sales comprise about 75 percent of the chain’s revenue. Where does Costco get their gas from? A: Costco purchases fuel from significant refineries and suppliers in each location. All Kirkland Signature ™ Fuel is ensured, much like the product we offer inside the storage facility.

Is gas from Costco really good?

Gas from Costco has all the recommended detergents and additives of other leading brands and is rated a Top Tier fuel. Outside of some local grocery store discount programs, (And that’s only good after building up enough purchase credits to offer a meaningful discount at their stations.

Is Costco gas good or bad?

Costco gas is just as good as any other brands. Plus, it's cheaper and you get cash back if you're using Costco Amex and pay off that bill each month as I do it regardless of how high the bill is. It's worth it for me in any way, since I need a lot of gas and I'll cash in the 3% for gas alone each year from them.

Do all costcos have gas stations?

While Costco does not have gas stationsat all of its clubs, the ones that do all work roughly the same. Aside from in New Jersey and Oregon, where full-serve stations are legally mandated, all Costco gas stations are self-serve, with traffic flowing only in one direction. FAQ

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