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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you shop at Costco without a membership?

Many people shop at Costco regularly, and can easily justify the cost ... Here are a few ways you can benefit from Costco without joining as a member. Many people spend a lot of money on medications. Costco's pharmacies offer some great deals in that ...

How much is the cheapest Costco membership?

How much is the cheapest Costco membership? $60. The basic membership is called the Gold Star membership. Priced at $60, it’s the minimum you can spend to get in the door and start throwing some of that Kirkland-brand goodness –which is often 20 percent cheaper than most other brands in the store — into your extra-large shopping cart.

Does Costco have membership fees?

The Cost of a Costco Membership To get access to that kind of pricing – there’s a cost. Costco memberships range from $60 (Standard Gold Star) to $120 (for Gold Star Executive, which comes with a 2% cashback rebate each year). Those fees are not insignificant. And they just so happen to be how Costco makes a good share of its profits.

Does Costco offer free or discounted memberships?

While the technical answer is, “No, Costco doesn’t offer free trial memberships or membership coupons,” the truth is they sort of do if you’re willing to look at it from a different ...

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