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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Council of deans of Health do?

Members of the Council of Deans of Health are responsible for educating every nurse and midwife who completes their education in the UK. From these two professions alone, our universities are responsible for the future domestic supply of more than half of the whole health professional workforce.

How is nursing practiced in the community?

Third, nursing is increasingly practiced in community settings, such as schools and workplaces, as well as through home health care ( WHO, 2015 ). Nursing students are prepared to practice in hospitals, but do not necessarily receive the same training and preparation for these other environments ( Bjørk et al., 2014 ).

How can we diversify and strengthen the nursing student body?

Diversifying and strengthening the nursing student body—and eventually, the nursing workforce—requires cultivating an inclusive environment, recruiting and admitting a diverse group of students, and providing students with support and addressing barriers to their success throughout their academic career and into practice.

Do all nurses need to acquire all the key technological competencies?

Not all nurses will need to acquire all of the key technological competencies; curricula can be developed according to the likely needs of nurses working at different levels.

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