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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 3 digit country code?

The country codes can be represented either as a two-letter code (alpha-2) which is recommended as the general-purpose code, a three-letter code (alpha-3) which is more closely related to the country name and a three-digit numeric code (numeric-3) which can be useful if you need to avoid using Latin script.

What is a two letter country code?

Two-letter country codes are used to represent countries and states (often both widely recognized and not) as a code of two letters. This standard set of codes is a part of ISO 3166-1, which also maintains a list of three-letter codes for countries (ISO 3166-1 alpha-3). Which country is KO? South Korea

What is a numeric country code?

numeric code - a three-digit code padded by zeros, e.g. the USA code is 840. The official name of the ISO 3166 standard is codes for the representation of names of countries and their subdivisions. In addition to country codes, the standard defines user codes. These codes can be used for any purpose, e.g. inside software based on ISO 3166 codes.

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