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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Countryside Commission for England and Wales?

[1] This body became the Countryside Commission for England and Wales in 1968, when its duties were expanded to cover the countryside as a whole in England and Wales (a separate Countryside Commission for Scotland covered Scotland ).

What did the Council of Wales do?

The Council gave direction to the around 500 staff. CCW's headquarters was in Bangor, Gwynedd, North Wales, with other offices across Wales. Advice CCW gave advice to government on a wide range of matters affecting the countryside.

What does the RSPB Cymru do?

The RSPB Cymru team is building significant expertise in peatland restoration, delivering multiple benefits from species recovery, restoring habitats, flood attenuation and reduced carbon emissions. We're looking for someone with existing knowledge of peatland restoration and the Peatland Code to build on this expertise. More...

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