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Frequently Asked Questions

How many courts are in the judicial branch?

Headed by the US Supreme Court, the Federal Court System is the Judicial Branch of the US Government and is comprised of 9 different types of courts, 94 districts and 12 regional circuits plus several supporting agencies. For more Federal Court specific information, see our page relating to the Federal Judicial Branch.

What are court documents?

A court filing refers to a document that is filed with the clerk of the court. When a document is filed with the court, it is processed by the clerk of the court, who stamps the document with an official seal of the court and the date of the court filing.

What courts try criminal cases?

The General District Court tries criminal cases, including criminal misdemeanors and preliminary hearings for felonies. The court also hears civil claims up to $25,000. The Traffic Division of General District Court hears cases involving traffic violations for the towns, county, state, and Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority police.

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