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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Medicaid cover in VA?

VA Medicaid covers community mental health, including retardation services for members. Services covered include treatment, diagnosis and care of people with mental retardation, substance abuse and mental illness. VA Medicaid services covered also include case management treatment in foster care,...

Does Virginia Medicaid cover ABA therapy?

Yes, Virginia Medicaid can cover private ABA therapy. The approval process can be lengthy, and the providers who accept Virginia Medicaid's Mental Health coverage (via Magellan) generally have long wait lists.

How do you apply for Medicaid in Virginia?

Medicaid Application Requirements in Virginia. In order to apply for Medicaid in Virginia, you will need to complete an application and include required identity documents, as well as personal informational requests. Virginia Medicaid applications are verified through a digital database in order to guarantee accuracy.

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