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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you become CPR certified?

There are no formal degree requirements to become a certified CPR instructor. However, one must already be certified in CPR and first aid training in order to register for certified CPR instructor courses. Local chapters of the AHA or the ARC offer CPR instructor certification courses through their offices.

How do I Find my CPR certification?

Finding Your CPR Certificate Number. The certificate issued when you complete your first aid/CPR training has a number of important details printed on it. Examine it carefully to confirm that you can show an employer that you are CPR certified. The CPR certificate number is at the bottom of the certificate.

Where can I learn CPR for free?

The School of Medicine at the University of Washington offers a well-organized, free resource website that is full of information on CPR training. The university operates the website as a public health service, and it has illustrated guides and videos for CPR demonstrations on adults, children and infants.

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