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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cPrime tool?

Cprime is the leader in Agile / Scrum transformation services, the largest Agile training company in the United States, a leader in Scrum master certification, an Atlassian Platinum Solution/Enterprise Partner + Atlassian Top Vendor, and a respected DevOps solution provider, with partnerships with the most impactful tool companies in the space

What is cPrime learning?

We are Cprime Learning - the training and certification division of Cprime. We believe that maintaining relevance in today's dynamic workforce, organizations and individuals alike need to become lifelong learners!

Why cPrime for your business?

Cprime transforms businesses with strategic consulting, managed services, and custom solutions that keep us engaged with clients for true, lifetime value. We believe in a more productive future, where Agile, Product and Technology converge for better business results and increased speed to market.

Who are peoplepeople at cPrime?

People are at Cprime’s core. That means both the people who make up Cprime and the clients we serve. We offer both depth and breadth of expertise when it comes to our proven implementation frameworks. We don't think of ourself as a vendor or provider. We are a partner in success and pave the path for our clients' future success.

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