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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cPrime?

What is cPRIME? cPRIME is a performance bracelet that acts as a bio-antenna for your body.

What is compcompetitors cPrime?

Competitors have only filed for design patents proving no true function or utility to their products. Science Behind cPRIME The technology inside cPRIME consists of a patent antenna array that is designed to absorb, redirect, and balance the electromagnetic energy around the human body.

Why choose cPrime learning for professional development?

With 30 years of experience in the professional development industry, Cprime Learning provides the training, certifications, and expertise to help you prepare for tomorrow’s needs. You can select from a curriculum of over 300+ hands-on courses, ranging in all areas of knowledge that your business needs to keep moving forward.

What is cPrime antenna array?

Terminology Antenna Array - In basic terms, an antenna is an apparatus that receives and redirects signals. cPRIME technology consists of a patent-pending antenna array, designed to both receive and redirect the electromagnetic energy that surrounds the human body.

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