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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CPRS lab formatter?

CPRS Lab Formatter is a utility designed to improve readability of laboratory data in CPRS. Medical laboratory values are often handwritten or displayed in a fishbone format to allow for quick location of specific values among large amounts of data.

How do I set the default CPRS lab settings?

CPRS 1.0 249 September 2021 CPRS Technical Manual: GUI Version The user-level value for this parameter can be set using the “Custom View” menu and saving the selected options as the default. Labs Tab Settings The Labs tab is only used for reviewing lab results. Ordering is done from the Orders tab.

What is the CPRS formatter policy for the site?

CPRS Formatter aims to keep the Site available twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week and to maintain saved information. However, CPRS Formatter shall not be liable for lost altered, or corrupted information or non-availability of the Site. E) PROHIBITED ACTIVITIES

What does send to lab mean in CPRS?

CPRS 1.0 165 September 2021 CPRS Technical Manual: GUI Version Another Component or Test: SEND TO LAB - Means the patient is ambulatory and will be sent to the Laboratory draw room to have blood drawn. WARD COLLECT - Means that either the physician or a nurse will be collecting the sample on the ward.

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