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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a 1 bed apartment for rent in Vancouver?

1-Bed Apartment for RENT in Vancouver Downtown West End. $1,700 Great Location ~1Bedroom/1Bathroom Apartment for RENT!!! 1 Bd Furnished Apartment For Rent In South Cambie.

Are there all-inclusive Vancouver apartments to rent?

You’re pretty much limited to housing for students and shared places in rough neighbourhoods – and even then, finding apartments in Vancouver under $1,000 per month will be difficult. As for all-inclusive Vancouver apartments to rent? They don’t exist, friends.

Can you rent a basement apartment in Vancouver?

Check out Vancouver apartments for rent to find your taste of the west coast lifestyle. In Vancouver, a lot of homeowners will offset the cost of ownership by converting their basement into an apartment. Vancouver basement apartments for rent can be a great option for rent, but make sure the conversion is fully legal.

Are there condos for rent in Vancouver?

Anyone who has lived with a total slob before knows what we are talking about. Most of the available residential properties in downtown Vancouver are condos. Vancouver condos for rent can get you deep in the heart of Canada’s most desirable city. They won’t come cheap though so make a plan to budget your expenses from the get go.

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