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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bike crankset?

Shimaon Deore FC-M5100-B2 11 Speed CranksetShimano brings proven ... The heart of your drivetrain, bike cranksets collectively help convert your pedaling power into the forward propulsion of your bike. The term bike cranksets is actually a catch-all that includes several critical components, including chainring (s), bottom bracket, and cranks.

What is a standard double crankset?

The majority of road bikes come with a two-ring double crankset and, until recently, one of three typical configurations. A 53/39t chainset has long been considered the ‘standard’ double, but that’s beginning to change. A “standard” double crankset has rings with 53 and 39 teeth.

What happened to the cranksets?

These cranksets are no longer in production, and availability of some parts is problematic. However the bearings are standard parts. A few parts, like links, are still distributed. This system originated as a cog-driven internal mechanism inside a purpose built bicycle's bottom bracket.

Are road cranksets better than mountain bikes?

In general, road cranksets have a narrower Q-factor than mountain bikes, as the latter are designed for larger tyre clearances. The rise of the gravel bike and the trend towards wider tyres on road bikes is muddying the waters here, though. Crankset designs vary depending on the type of riding they are intended for.

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