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Frequently Asked Questions

Does crash Asias give any advantage?

About crashes.asi, you want to prove that it doesnt give any advantage just because you're using it even though im pretty sure you know it gives. Scoutz and Payrle recorded video which is proving that crashes.asi gives big advantage. Originally posted by Calamity.

What is the best GTA SA crash fix for PC?

GitHub - Whitetigerswt/gtasa_crashfix: A GTA:SA .ASI mod that fixes many obscure crashes within the game, thanks to MTA's research. Fixes aproxamently 30 crashes that can occur in GTA:SA. Allows all resolutions and aspect ratios to be used. Enables windowed mode (alt + enter). The game continues processing even while in the pause menu.

Why does the 'CrashFix' mod keep crashing?

Upon further investigation, we found out that the mod crashes.asi (also known as 'crashfix') was causing this. This mod has a bug due to which players won't receive fall damage in certain cases. From our tests, the bug seemed to happen at random, and there wasn't really a 'trick' you could perform to exploit this bug.

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