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Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a brand new cricket game by EA Sports?

A Brand New Cricket game released in 2019, now available for Free Download. It's also known as Planet Cricket 2019 patch. Please note - This is a new modded patch for the Cricket 07 game, not a new game by EA Sports. You may have come across some FAKE NEWS that EA Sports will release it's new Cricket 2019 and make a comeback.

What can you do in EA Sports Cricket 07 player editor?

EA SPORTS CRICKET 07 Player Editor can be used to change player details according to your choice. Besides this, You can Have training Sessions, Play 22 International tours and tournaments. The Ashes 2019 – a whole set of experiences.

Is there any deal with EA Sports in India?

For the India deal, we have an office in Hyderabad which is coordinating this matter. Electronic Arts have recently announced the release of new cricket game under the banner of ‘EA Sports Cricket 2019’, despite discontinuation of the series back in 2007.

What's new in Cricket 19?

A new saga begins for one of the most acclaimed Cricket game franchises in history. Cricket 19 is going to push all the boundaries which were before in every cricket patch made for cricket 07. All-Time Teams The greatest players in Cricket game history from all Cricket teams, together on All-Time franchise rosters for the very first time.

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