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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is CSS HTML Validator better?

CSS HTML Validator will save you time and help you eliminate many website problems that cause visitors to abandon your website.CSS HTML Validator also protects your privacy because it doesn't send your HTML and CSS documents over the Internet. This also means that it works offline (no Internet access is required).. Unlike other HTML validation software, CSS HTML Validator features an unusually ...

Who can apply for CSS?

The eligibility criteria for application in CSS require you to have at least passed your graduation in 2nd division. The students who have passed in 3rd division can become eligible in case the student has a degree of masters after graduation. Nationality.

How to custom CSS?

Select a block to customize and open its settings by clicking on the Settings button at the top-right corner of the screen. Open the Advanced drop-down menu and find the Additional CSS class (es) section at the bottom. Insert the CSS class in the text field. The text in the block paragraph will be justified after adding the justify-class class.

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