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Frequently Asked Questions

When is spring break at CSU?

Calendar Date Event February 11 Founder's Day - CSU's 152nd birthday March 12 Saturday Spring Break Begins - No Classe ... March 21 Monday End Course Withdrawal ("W") Perio ... March 21 Monday Classes Resume 11 more rows ...

When is spring break 2023?

Spring Break —March 13-17, 2023 Campus open; no classes held. As you type, only items with matching text will be shown below. Pressing the escape key will clear the search text. *This calendar was amended in September 2021 to include dates from October 2021–May 2022 that pertain to the fall 2022 semester. Choose Chico!

How do I register for Fall 2022?

Fall 2022 Web Registration begins. Registration access begins for continuing students. All new students will register for classes at Ram Orientation. Last Day to Cancel Registration (no assessed tuition & fees) without requiring a University Withdrawal Restricted Drop Deadline (You may no longer drop certain courses — see class schedule.)

What are the deadlines for grading in 2021?

IMPORTANT DATES Priority Registration Begins March 8, 2021 Midterm Grading Deadline October 18, 2021 Last Day to Withdraw from Courses October 29, 2021 Veterans Day (University Holiday) November 11, 2021 Thanksgiving Recess (No classes Thursday ... November 25-26, 2021 19 more rows ...

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