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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cured by Jeff Rediger about?

“Cured is a book for everyone. This new pathway to healing is potentially life-changing, both for those with a terminal diagnosis and those who simply want to live the healthiest life possible. In these illuminating pages, Jeff Rediger gives medicine a much-needed push towards a science of health and hope.

Is it possible for the author of cured to become ill?

In the meantime, the author himself at one point boasts that it is almost impossible for him to become ill. Given the timing of his book’s publication, one can only hope he is right. Cured is published by Penguin (RRP £16.99). To order a copy go to Free UK p&p on all online orders over £15.

What is the 81 natural cures newsletter?

The newsletter is essentially a collection of health tips and alternative health information Dr. Rothfeld has collected over the years. He claims to scour the globe on a regular basis to find new cures for diseases, and then he shares those cures through his email newsletter. What Will You Learn in 81 Natural Cures?

Who is 81 natural cures’ Glenn Rothfeld?

It’s always been attributed to somebody named Glenn Rothfeld. Who is Glenn Rothfeld? 81 Natural Cures attributes its research to Glenn Rothfeld, best known for creating the ICT protocol that purportedly cures Alzheimer’s.

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