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Frequently Asked Questions

How to cure meat at home?

How to Cure Meat at Home. Use salt box method or equilibrium curing. Accurately calculate the required pink curing salt. Mix salt, spices & cure, apply to meat. Cure in a fridge or cool area. Once fully cured, remove from fridge & rinse thoroughly. Weigh and calculate 65% weight, the finished weight.

How long does it take to dry cure meat?

Fully salt curing the meat with salt is the first step with either the saltbox or equilibrium method. Depending on the size, dry curing can be done in a normal fridge. Other options generally used are a curing chamber or protected cellar area. How Long Does it Take to Cure Meat? 30 minutes to 30 days, it largely depends on the cured meat project.

What are the different types of cured meats?

The most popular varieties are salami and prosciutto but it is important to note that every culture in the world has its own signature cured meats – meaning there are thousands of varieties to get to know. The main factors that set different types of cured meats apart are the type of meat, cut of meat, curing method, and spices used for flavoring.

Can you eat cured meat that has gone bad?

Unlike that chicken breast that you took out of the fridge a few days ago, cured meat is safe to eat as long as proper safety guidelines are followed. The main component that sets rancid and cured meats apart is moisture. A steak that sits out in the sun all day will grow harmful bacteria which can make you sick.

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