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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the food safety considerations when curing meat?

The main food safety considerations to take into account when curing meat are pH levels, water activity level and cross contamination, says Lee.

What is the best way to cure meat?

All surfaces of meat must be rotated and rubbed at intervals of sufficient frequency to ensure cure penetration when a dry curing method is used ( PHS/FDA 2001 ). Immersion curing requires periodic mixing of the batch to facilitate uniform curing ( PHS/FDA 2001 ). Curing should be carried out at a temperature between 35°F and 40°F.

Who regulates cured meat?

Large-scale meat facilities that produce cured meat are inspected and regulated by the USDA, and have a full-time inspector on-site, while restaurants are regulated by county health departments and inspected once a year.

Do restaurants have to cook cured meat?

Many states have regulations that strictly require meat to be cooked and stored at specific temperatures, while some states allow for restaurants to apply for a variance to serve products – like cured meats – that fall outside the jurisdiction of standard rules.

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