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Frequently Asked Questions

How to calculate current density?

Current Density Formula. In the field of electromagnetism, Current Density is the measurement of electric current (charge flow in amperes) per unit area of cross-section (m 2 ). This is a vector quantity, with both a magnitude (scalar) and a direction. J = I/A. J = current density in amperes/m 2. I = current through a conductor, in amperes.

What is a limiting current density?

Limiting current density refers to an electrochemical occurrence when an electric current passes through an ion exchange membrane, reducing salt concentration polarization. The limiting current density is the maximum current density required to achieve a desired electrode reaction prior to the simultaneous discharge of extraneous ions.

What does density current mean?

density current, any current in either a liquid or a gas that is kept in motion by the force of gravity acting on differences in density.A density difference can exist between two fluids because of a difference in temperature, salinity, or concentration of suspended sediment.Density currents in nature are exemplified by those currents that flow along the bottom of oceans or lakes.

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