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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Meeker County detention center?

The Meeker County Detention Center provides for the secure and safe detention of offenders in Meeker County. The Center was completed in 1999. The facility is licensed to house 69 inmates. The detention center houses work release inmates as well as minimum, medium, and maximum inmates.

What does the Meeker County Sheriff's Office do?

Meeker County. The County Sheriff’s Office have sworn, civilian, and volunteer staff that are responsible for enforcing the law to the people of the County. The staff is dedicated to working in administration, investigations, patrol, detention, communications, boat and water safety, reserves, posse, and court security.

Where is Meeker County MN?

Meeker County is a county found in the central south part of Minnesota with its county seat in Litchfield. Meeker County is named after Bradley B. Meeker, an associate justice of Minnesota Territorial Court. Zip codes in Meeker County include 55324, 55325, 55329, 55355, 55389, 56228 and 56243.

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