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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the D300 still a good camera?

Yes, the Nikon D300 is still a good value and camera if you are going to stay about iso 800

Does D300 use same battery as D70s?

You can compare the optics available in the Nikon Lens Catalog. Concerning battery life, the D300 gets 1000 shots out of its EN-EL3e battery, while the D70s can take 500 images on a single charge of its EN-EL3a power pack. The adjacent table lists the principal physical characteristics of the two cameras alongside a wider set of alternatives.

Is it still worth buying the Nikon D300?

Is Nikon d300 still worth buying? If you need a durable entry-level DSLR at a good price AND you don’t do a lot of low-light or wide-angle shooting, a D300s with grip can be worth considering. If you do a lot of wide-angle landscapes or need to work with anything that moves in low light, you’d do a lot better with a D700.

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