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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the point of D4?

D4 is an Xbox One title that uses Kinect controls with "simple gestures and voice" to uncover the mystery. The game uses cel-shaded graphics similar to that of a graphic novel.

Why should you buy Nikon D4?

Combine that with cutting-edge metering and AF systems, intelligently designed controls, an ultra-rugged body and multiple connectivity options, and D4 liberates the world’s top-notch photographers and multimedia artists like never before. D4 offers a level of speed and accuracy that will redefine your notion of the fleeting moment.

When is D4 ready for broadcast quality video and audio?

When an assignment calls for broadcast-quality video and audio, D4 is ready. Choose from three Multi-area mode Full HD D-Movie (1080p) video formats: FX, DX or the new 2.7x Crop mode—all at 16:9 aspect ratio. Manual exposure control helps keep the same look from start to finish.

Who needs to fill out form D-4?

Every new employee who resides in DC and is required to have DC income taxes withheld, must fill out Form D-4 and file it with his/her employer. If you are not liable for DC income taxes because you are a nonresident or military spouse, you must file Form D-4A, Certificate of Nonresi- dence in the District of Columbia, with your employer.

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