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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Nikon D7200?

The Nikon D7200 is a 24-megapixel APS-C digital single-lens reflex camera announced by Nikon on March 2, 2015. It started shipping on March 19.

What's the difference between D300 and D7200?

* D7200 can run 7 FPS in its oddball 1.3x crop mode, and D300s can run 8 FPS with more batteries in bigger, optional grip. I don't care, but have been told that the D300s can only shoot at 2.5 fps at 14-bit RAW, while the D7200 can still shoot 6 fps at 14-bit RAW.

Does the Nikon D7200 have an anti-alias filter?

The D7200 has no anti-alias filter sensor, like the D7100 for added sharpness. The D7200 is pretty much the same as 2013's D7100, which is a spectacular camera. Nikon claims a bigger buffer, but only if you shoot NEF or LARGE JPG.

What is the maximum burst rate of the Nikon D7200?

The maximum burst rate remains the same: 6 fps at full size and 7 fps in 1.3x crop mode. The D7200 can now extend its ISO higher than on its predecessor, but with a catch. Seeing how little color detail would be left at ISO 51,200 and 102,400, Nikon has chosen to make those two sensitivities black and white only.

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