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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all Dalmatians born without spots?

Most Dalmatians are born with no spots at all; they become visible later. As for too many spots, well, anything’s possible. And Dalmatians can also be born with long rather than short fur. , Retired dog breeder. Basset Hounds since 1972

Is there such thing as Dalmatian dog with no spots?

In a very rare case, yeah. If the mother of the dog is all white, then a Dalmatian dog with no spots is definitely possible. Visit other pages on our website!

Did Dalmatians always have spots?

Young pups sometimes have gray spots that turn black or liver colored. You may remember that in the "101 Dalmatians" story, Cruella de Ville is dismayed when she swoops in to view the new puppies and sees that they have no spots. Anita correctly tells her that Dalmatian puppies are born with pure white coats without their characteristic spots.

Can dogs other than Dalmatians have spots?

Yes. Spots are fairly common, although most spots don’t have the distinctiveness of Dalmatian spots. Many of the pointers, including the Pointer, the German Shorthaired Pointer, the Bracco Italiano, have small spots on most of their bodies. English Setters are spotted, although their long hair makes them more difficult to see.

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