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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get access to Datacom payroll?

Get access to Datacom's payroll applications and specific marketplace platforms for your region. Employee self-service access for our enterprise clients. Sign in Direct Access is a self-service portal for employees, managers, and payroll administrators. Sign in Employee self-service access for our bureau payroll clients.

What is Datacom easipay?

Datacom's DataPay supports complex enterprise payroll requirements for businesses. Outsource your payroll requirements to the Datacom EasiPay team so you can focus on your business. Get easy and secure access to the MyPay app using a PIN number, fingerprint ID, or face ID. Employees can check their leave balance as well as apply for leave.

Why choose Datacom PaySystems?

Our pricing is simple and based on usage. You're able to scale up and down as required so you don't pay for anything you're not benefiting from. Datacom PaySystems is certified by the PECB Management Systems (MS) to keep your information assets secure against the risks of loss, damage, or any other threats.

What is datapay and how can it help your business?

This means your business will gain a full payroll system as well as a core HR management platform. DataPay and its associated add-ons and apps are designed to be efficient to use, engage employees, and provide valuable insights into the business.

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