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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You fatten up any girl from the DC Universe?

This is an interactive story in which you can fatten up any girl from the DC Universe, but first a few ground rules. - Female WG Only. - This is a straight up WG story. No other fetishes please. - Weight gain does not have to realistic, but it does have to be reasonable. No "Wonder Woman gained 50,000 pounds in one day" stories.

What do you think about the main girl's weight?

The main girl's weight is always in flux and she's constantly eating. It's a real gem. Very nice! I must have also missed the parts where she gained any weight, so thanks for making me go through that whole comic. I just went to read nonstop the five earliest chapters and frankly, I-- I love, just love this shounen!

Does Wonder Woman swear like a sailor in the comics?

Wonder Woman doesn't swear like a sailor in the comics, and she shouldn't here. - Stick to the comic book versions of the characters. The DCAU and Teen Titans were both great, but I think we've all seen enough WG Fiction about the both of them for one life time. - Write your characters in character. I cannot stress this enough.

Why did Wonder Woman get a variant cover?

DC, the entertainment company behind Wonder Woman, decided to use the illustration for a variant cover and tweeted it out to DC Nation Twitter account — which is when Eisenberg learned that some fans' devotion is less like loyalty and more like narrowminded fat-shaming.

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