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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find DCMA contact information?

Visit the DCMA website for department staff contact information. The DCMA headquarters address is Defense Contract Management Agency, Office of Congressional and Public Affairs, 3901 A Avenue, Bldg 10500, Fort Lee, VA 23801.

How do I locate DCAA offices?

Use the CONUS tool to locate DCAA offices within the continental United States using a CAGE (Commercial and Government Entity) code, DUNS (Data Universal Numbering System) code, or Zip code. Use the OCONUS tool to locate DCAA offices outside of the continental U.S. including Hawaii and Alaska, other U.S territories, and foreign locations.

What does DCMA stand for?

So you've been awarded a contract and you know from the contract that it has been delegated to DCMA (Defense Contract Management Agency) for contract administration (see FAR Part 42). But you don't know who the specific contracting officer is nor are you given a phone number or email contact.

Who is the head of DCMA information technology?

Ray Coleman has served as the DCMA executive director of information technology and chief information officer since spring 2018. Lauri Chlebus is a contract administrator at Defense Contract Management Agency Aircraft Integrated Maintenance Operations St. Augustine in Florida.

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