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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the DDD dashboard and how does it work?

Thanks to a coordinated effort between the Department of Basic Education and school districts, educators in South Africa have detailed learner performance information at their fingertips via the DDD Dashboard. The information can be used to identify problem areas and intervene accordingly.

What is the data driven districts dashboard?

The Data Driven Districts Dashboard is an approachable, highly intuitive dashboard that displays appropriate education-related information to education officials at all levels in the South African schooling system.

What is the SA-Sams DDD dashboard?

SA-SAMS is the DDD Dashboard’s main source of data. SA-SAMS provides schools with a free, easy to use and fully integrated software solution, containing all aspects of School Administration, Management and Governance requirements, in one package.

How do I accept the updated terms of service for DDD dashboard?

As a DDD Dashboard user, you will be required to read and accept the updated terms of service. When you log on to the DDD Dashboard, please read and accept the updated terms of service to continue your use of the Dashboard. New enhancements to the DDD Dashboard are now available!

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