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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ddddas?

DDDAS is a paradigm whereby application/simulations and measurements become a symbiotic feedback control system. DDDAS entails the ability to dynamically incorporate additional data into an executing application, and in reverse, the ability of an application to dynamically steer the measurement process.

Where can I find information about The DDDAS program?

Proposers are also encouraged to monitor the webpage of the DDDAS program solicitation and the site for related information. Proposers are reminded to identify the program announcement/solicitation number (05-570) in the program announcement/solicitation block on the proposal Cover Sheet.

What is The DDDAS solicitation?

This DDDAS solicitation seeks to catalyze stronger and more systematic collaborations between applications' research communities and mathematical modeling, computer sciences, and measurement systems researchers.

Who is the founder of DDDAS?

The DDDAS concept - and the term - was proposed by Frederica Darema for the National Science Foundation (NSF) workshop in March 2000 . There are several affiliated annual meetings and conferences, including: DyDESS conference and workshop at MIT organized by Sai Ravela and Adrian Sandu

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