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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The DDDAS website?

The website is a scientific community forum with hyperlinks to DDDAS research projects, virtual proceedings, related software, announcements and other news. The key developments of the integration of the instrumentation, models, and software to enable the development of DDDAS include theory, algorithms, and computation.

What challenges does DDDAS seek to advance?

The challenges DDDAS seeks to advance include data modeling, context processing, and content application. To bring together data, context and content requires addressing issues in model fidelity such as how many parameters are needed for system control.

What is sampling in DDDAS?

Sampling is the multiresolution needed to monitor the situation, environment and network context to explain the content desired. The Handbook of Dynamic Data Driven Applications Systems establishes an authoritative reference of DDDAS, pioneered by Dr. Darema and the co-authors for researchers and practitioners developing DDDAS technologies.

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