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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Order of the xdx62 dip11b → SSI 1332 813?

X62 DIP11B → SSI 1332 813 1 1332 812 3 X2 DWI11A →TTL/5V 198 829 8 198 828 X AV1Y 593 968 2 X15 DEH.1B →TTL Sin/Cos 1332 459 4 1332 458 6 X15 DEH.1B

What is dfd11b on the movidrive®mdx61b?

The DeviceNet fieldbus interface type DFD11B can be plugged into the fieldbus slot on all MOVIDRIVE®MDX61B units. The DFD11B option enables communication with the machine control for a maximum of 10 process data. You need an EDS file to be able to integrated the DFD11B in the machine contro l.

What is dfdfe24b option 11881axx?

DFE24B option 11881AXX Standards IEC 61158, IEC 61784-2 Baud rate 100 Mbaud full duplex Connection technology Two RJ45 plug connectors Bus terminator Not integrated as bus termination is activated automatically.

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