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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Debenhams a British company?

Debenhams plc was a British retail company operating a series of department stores in the United Kingdom, Denmark and the Republic of Ireland. It was founded in 1778 as a single store in London and grew to 178 locations across those countries, also owning the Danish department store chain Magasin du Nord.

What is the Debenhams experience like in MENA?

The Debenhams experience in MENA is all about premium store environments and a constantly evolving product range across fashion, beauty and home - the brand is unique in the region for the breadth and scale of what's in store.

Are there any Debenhams stores in Ireland?

Stores in Ireland are operated by Debenhams Ireland, which is a subsidiary of Debenhams plc; most of these stores were formerly branded Roches Stores. Debenhams occupies the most sites of any of the traditional department store groups in the UK.

Is Debenhams'Magasin du Nord business up for sale?

"Debenhams puts its Magasin du Nord business up for sale". Retail Gazette. Retrieved 1 December 2020. ^ Eley, Jonathan (17 November 2021). "Hedge funds secure bulk of £300m recovered from Debenhams".

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