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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a debutante ball?

These young women from around the world, ranging in age from 16 to 25, are selected to be debutantes at the International Debutante Ball, held every two years in New York City, to formally present themselves to society.

Where is the debut ball held in New York?

This year the Ball is held in the beautiful Grand Ballroom of the Pierre Hotel in New York City. The evening begins with the receiving line in the Regency Room, where guests meet the debutantes and press and candid photos are taken.

How many debutantes are there in New York State?

The debutantes were received by the then Governor and Mrs. W. Rice Brewster. In the years since, 250 debutantes from many different state Societies have been presented and the event remains a highlight of the social season in New York.

How do I invite a debutante to the New York society ball?

The New York Society cordially invites current members of any state Society to attend the Ball and to sponsor the presentation of a debutante. A letter or email requesting information should be sent to the NY office as early as March. The letter should include the member’s GS and State #’s and the name and relationship of the proposed debutante.

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