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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a decline bench press?

Decline Bench Press Benefits. Pressing on the decline bench reduces rotation at your shoulders and increases pectoral activation by transmitting stress from the deltoids through the pectoralis major. Owing to the decline angle, performing the exercise puts more emphasis on your lower chest than the flat bench press.

How do you decline bench press?

To do Decline Bench Press: Rest on the decline bench with your feet on the ground, make sure you don’t move your feet during workout. Lower the dumbbell or barbell down to the bottom of your chest without actually hitting your chest. Press dumbbells or barbells back up with elbows to sides until your arms are extended.

Are decline bench presses good?

Decline bench presses can be used to effectively increase your upper body strength. When training for strength, most people tend to stick to regular flat bench presses, which is perfectly acceptable. You should, however, be able to lift slightly more when the bench is at a slight decline.

What does decline bench do?

The decline bench press is an excellent exercise for developing the size and strength in your chest, shoulders and triceps. While many people often think of it as an exercise predominantly targeted at training the lower chest muscles, it actually hits the entire muscle.

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