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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you replace glass on a door?

To replace glass panels in a door, remove the glass molding and the broken glass out of the door. Next, measure the door to determine how large the new panels need to be, and cut them out of a large piece of glass. Insert the panels in the door, caulk around the sides of the panels, and attach the old molding to the glass using caulk.

How do you replace a patio glass door?

Simple Steps To Replace Broken Glass in a Patio Door. The supplies that you will need to successfully replace broken glass in a patio door are gloves, a hammer, a pry bar, a putty knife, measuring tape, a permanent marker, replacement glass, a glass cutter and caulk. There will be no need to remove the entire door to replace broken glass,...

How do you replace a glass shower door?

Use a glass razor scraper, combined with general purpose bathroom spray cleaner or glass cleaner to remove hardened mineral build-up on the glass door. To clean the door sweep channel, use a grout brush or a non-scratch scrub pad (doesn’t apply to new sweep replacement).

What is a leaded glass door?

Commonly referred to as stained glass window panels, beveled glass, or leaded glass, our custom, decorative glass window and door panels are the perfect artistic touch for any home that values privacy and the beauty that these custom works of art bring to any living space. Our work is installed OVER your existing window, nothing is removed.

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