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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for Defeater?

Synonyms for defeater include victor, vanquisher, conqueror, subjugator, captor, champion, winner, conquering hero, master and conquistador. Find more similar words ...

What is the best definition of defeat?

noun the act of overcoming in a contest: an overwhelming defeat of all opposition. an instance of defeat; setback:He considered his defeat a personal affront. an overthrow or overturning; vanquishment: the defeat of a government.

What kind of band is Defeater?

Lyrically, Defeater is a concept band. All of their music serves as narration over one overarching story, telling of the struggles of a working class New Jersey family in the Post-World War II Era.

What is a defeater of a belief?

Evidence that counts against a belief is called a defeater of this belief. Undercutting defeaters only remove evidential support for a belief while rebutting defeaters provide evidential support for the opposite thesis of the belief. Defeaters play a central role in modern developments of defeasible reasoning .

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