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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good defensive driving course?

A defensive driving course helps drivers become more aware of how to reduce risks while driving. A typical defensive driving course consists of several classroom sessions followed by a practical session in a car with an instructor which must be completed within 60 days of finishing the theory part of the course.

What are defensive driving techniques?

Defensive Driving Techniques. What is defensive driving? It is a set of driving skills that allows you to defend yourself against possible collisions caused by bad drivers, drunk drivers, and poor weather. If you look ahead and keep your eyes moving, you will spot potential hazards more easily.

What is a defensive driver training course?

A defensive driving program is a training course designed to help people improve their ability to identify and avoid potential accidents on the road. Students learn specific driving techniques to reduce the risks posed by hazards such as inclement weather, dangerous intersections, and careless drivers.

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