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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 5 problem solving steps?

5 Step Problem Solving Approach. It is something that wasn’t expected and could be something like, poor on time delivery, poor quality, taking too long in the process, poor information flow, re-entering data in a spreadsheet, correcting a mistake, high internal scrap. It can be absolutely anything that creates an output that is not to plan.

What is a problem solving treatment?

Problem Solving Therapy (PST), or structured problem solving, is psychological treatment used to help clients manage stressful life events. Therapists employ behavioral and cognitive intervention techniques to assist clients in establishing and actualizing goals and creating effective problem-solving,...

What is a simple problem solving process?

Problem solving is a process for individual's to overcome a specific problem. That process, simply, begins at a starting point and continues until a conclusion is reached. The process includes the higher mental functions and creative thinking.

What is a problem solving technique?

In simple words, Creative Problem Solving may be defined as a problem solving technique that addresses a challenge or problem in a creative manner. The solution is creative because it is not obvious.

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