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What are some characteristics of a research problem statement?

A good research problem should have the following characteristics: It should address a gap in knowledge. It should be significant enough to contribute to the existing body of research It should lead to further research The problem should render itself to investigation through collection of data It should be of interest to the researcher and suit his/her skills, time, and resources More items...

How to write the problem statement in a research paper?

When should you write a problem statement? Contextualize the problem The problem statement should frame your research problem in its particular context and give some background on what is already known about it. ... Show why it matters The problem statement should also address the relevance of the research: why is it important that the problem is solved? ... Set your aims and objectives

How do you write a problem statement?

Writing Your Own Problem Statement Describe the "ideal" state of affairs. Explain your problem. Explain your problem's financial costs. Back up your assertions. Propose a solution. Explain the benefits of the solution. Conclude by summarizing the problem and solution. For academic work, don't forget a thesis statement.

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